We have two priorities in respect to the weather:

1. The safety of the users (kids and adults)
2. Protect the equipment from damage or destruction

It is well known that the weather in the Texas Panhandle is very dynamic and can drastically transition from stable to unstable in a short time frame.

As a result we reserve the right to cancel any rental prior to delivery if the weather becomes unfavorable or if the weather forecast predicts conditions that would be outside of the safety parameters for safe inflatable operation.

We attempt to reduce the negative impacts of a weather cancellation by not requiring deposits to schedule rentals and by making every effort to notify you at least 24 hrs in advance or as soon as practical in the event of sudden unfavorable weather.

The following are some weather conditions which would warrant a weather cancellation:

• Wind 20 mph or higher
• Rain
• Hail
• Lightning

Please understand it's simply not worth it to jeopardize the safety of the users by ignoring unfavorable or potentially unfavorable weather.

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